Our conviction in our purpose, to help greater numbers of people experience financial well-being, is stronger than ever during this unprecedented global crisis. Creede Capital has taken careful action to stay connected to our clients and to continue exceeding their expectations, to support the unique needs of our valued employees, and to help provide assistance for the communities in which we operate.

A Unique Philosophy for Investment Management

Christian Reede worked as a consultant for several major Wall Street firms prior to and throughout the DotCom bubble and crash of the 1990s. In 1999 he began working exclusively as a private investment advisor for a group of ultra high-net-worth individuals who wished to avoid repeating the mistakes the major investment banks were making. Mr. Reede ignored popular market trends and instead focused on actively traded portfolios with an emphasis on his own analysis techniques. His efforts consistently beat the market, including an impressive 29.78% return for his clients in 2002 against the S&P 500's -22.10%. Creede Capital was founded in 2003 in order to better service a growing number of clients and offer a range of investment products better suited to changing demands.

Bespoke Service

We maintain a strong emphasis on individual attention for all clients despite our size.

High Technology Approach

We invest heavily in technology for the sake of both client safety and maximizing returns.

Global Standards & Practices

We meet or exceed ever changing global financial industry standards at all times.

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Creede Capital Managed Portfolios

Our primary focus is actively managed client portfolios to attain the highest returns possible while minimizing risk as market conditions change. Our Managed Portfolio products are supported by the latest trading technology and machine learning analysis modeling while our Individual option allows us to service clients with interests in specific companies.

Creede Capital Fundamentals

A perfect compromise between preservation of capital and growth following global market trends. This portfolio offers exposure to different asset classes and geographies based on their potential to generate income and capital growth and consists mostly of technology companies and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Portfolio Manager Alex Foster
Primary Financial Analyst Nicole Fouch
2020 Annual Return 30.74% (compared to the S&P 500's 18.40%)
2021 YTD 11.05%

Creede Capital Rapid Returns

Specifically tailored for high net worth individuals who wish to maximize profits. All investments are intraday trades based on advanced machine learning algorithms (often referred to as artifical intelligence) and expert human analysis. This portfolio has consistently beaten the S&P 500 by a considerable amount.

Portfolio Manager Alex Foster
Primary Financial Analyst Nicole Fouch
Primary Quantitative Analyst Dr. Manfred Nederveen
2020 Annual Return 70.26% (compared to the S&P 500's 18.40%)
2021 YTD 23.78%

Creede Capital Income Generation

This portfolio's main asset classes include global inflation linked bonds, global government bonds, global corporate bonds, global high yield bonds, emerging market bonds, and global equities. This is a good choice for those seeking a more conservative risk profile.

Portfolio Manager David Parker
Primary Financial Analyst Nicole Fouch
2020 Annual Return 21.41% (compared to the S&P 500's 18.40%)
2021 YTD 10.87%

Creede Capital Ethical Investments

Tailored for those who are interested in eco-friendly practices and social causes. Companies in this portfolio have proven ethical track records and a strong emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency, or other environmentally friendly initiatives. Investment in underprivileged communities is also a focus.

Portfolio Manager David Parker
Primary Financial Analyst Nicole Fouch
2020 Annual Return 18.91% (compared to the S&P 500's 18.40%)
2021 YTD 9.18%

Creede Capital Individual

The natural choice for clients with a specific interest but who desire the advantage of professional insight and knowledge. This is a step beyond simply buying shares as a retail investor. Our team will work with you to identify your areas of interest in order to create a portfolio unique to you.

The Creede Capital Team

We pride ourselves on being as open and accessible to our clients as possible. Please take a moment to meet our talented team of experts.

Christian Reede

President & CEO

Mr. Reede is the founder of Creede Capital and is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the company. He has a stellar record going back to the early 1990s and has helped clients consistently beat the market by a wide margin over the course of his career.

Warner Hortensius

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Hortensius oversees Creede Capital's primary operations and has an extensive background in law and financial compliance regulations. Mr. Hortensius' focused direction is part of what keeps Creede Capital in the forefront of both Dutch and international financial standards.

Mazlum Damstra

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Damstra works closely with our team to develop our Managed Portfolio products and maintain an edge during constantly changing market conditions. Mr. Damstra has extensive experience in both the banking and corporate spaces.

Sandra Baughman

Vice President of Research & Analysis

Mrs. Baughman is a pioneer in the live application of computer models designed to adapt to changing market conditions and forecast reliable future trends. Her team at Creede Capital is among the best in the world at identifying changing trends.

Alex Foster

Chartered Wealth Manager

Mr. Foster has enjoyed a career of consistently exceeding his client's already high expectations with his unique insight and talent for identifying the emergence of strong trends. He joined Creede Capital in 2009 and focuses primarily on the Rapid Returns Managed Portfolio.

David Parker

Senior Wealth Manager

Since joining our founding team in 2003 Mr. Parker has been responsible for some of Creed Capital's most successful campaigns. With a focus on due diligence and conservative pattern prediction, Mr. Parker has cemented himself as our expert for specialised market analysis.

Nicole Fouch

Senior Financial Analyst

Ms. Fouch has a strong background in mathematics and focuses her efforts on continually improving our financial models by identifying flow of capital and coordinating with the financial analysis team.

John F. Neary

Senior Wealth Manager

Since joining Creede Capital in 2011, Mr. Neary has focused on conducting research analysis across European and American equities. Mr. Neary oversees a team advising on a wide range of equity management.

Dr. Manfred Nederveen

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Dr. Nederveen enjoyed success in Silicon Valley at a number of Fortune 500 companies before developing several patents for machine-learning financial models. He manages algorithmic systems that give Creede Capital a distinct edge.

Colin James

Senior Investment Advisor

Mr. James can advise on all aspects of financial planning, including pensions, estate planning, investments and tax matters for both private and corporate clients as well as providing long term income sustainability advice for retirement.

Daniel Brown

Investment Advisor

Mr. Brown's specialty is discretionary portfolio management specifically tailored to client's needs. He works closely with his clients to bring them the best options in both discretionary trades and Managed Portfolio entry opportunities.

Alistair Munro

Investment Advisor

Mr. Munro is a member of the introductory investment committee and is predominantly focused on discretionary portfolio management. He also works with new clients who are interested in Managed Portfolio products.

Yasmijn Catsburg

Investment Advisor

Mrs. Catsburg has a background in data science and offers a unique approach to identifying opportunities and advanced risk management techniques. She specialises in managing retirement focused accounts for Dutch clients.

Jornt Frederiks

Investment Advisor

Mr. Frederiks primarily works with clients interested in discretionary portfolio management with an emphasis on income generation. He also consults with a wide range of our clients on basic legal and tax matters.

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